What is PTE test?

PTE, which stands for “Pearson Test of English”, is one of the best known international English tests for students or immigrants.

PTE test is held regularly by Pearson Learning Company.

Just like IELTS, PTE test can be taken in general and academic modules.

PTE test’s main goal is to evaluate your four main English skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing).

Who is PTE Academic for?

According to Pearson, PTE certificate is accepted by thousands of universities all over the world.

Some of most famous academic institutes that accept PTE include YALE and Harvard Business School.

Academic PTE is also useful to apply for citizenship in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information about PTE test and the score you need, we recommend talking to your lawyer!

Where can I take a PTE test?

PTE tests are regularly held in Pearson testing centers around the world.

Currently, Pearson company does not have a representative in Iran, Therefore you need to take the test somewhere else.

Iranian PTE candidates usually take the test in Turkey, Azerbaijan or the UAE.

For more information about costs and requirements, you could also visit the Pearson official website.

What happens during a PTE test?

Just like IELTS, PTE Academic test includes speaking, listening, reading and writing sections.

However, these sections do not exactly work like IELTS test parts.

The main difference is that skills in PTE are tested in a combined way.

We have provided more explanation below.

PTE Speaking

Read Aloud: You will read a written text aloud. Watch the video

Repeat Sentence: You will listen the recorded sentences and repeat them correctly. Watch the Video

Describe Chart: You need to talk about the contents of a chart. Watch the video

Re-tell Lecture: You will listen to a recording including a lecture, then talk about the contents using your own words. Watch the video

Answer Short Question: You need to give short answers to the questions you are asked. Watch the video 

PTE Listening

Summarize Spoken Text: You need to listen to a short recording, then summarize it in your words in 50 to 70 words. You will have 10 minutes to finish this task. Watch the video

Multiple Choice – Choose Single Answer: You will listen to recordings and choose the best response. Watch the video

Multiple Choice: Choose Multiple Answers: You need to listen to a recording and mark ALL the correct answers. Watch the video

Fill in the Blanks: You need to complete the text using the correct words. Watch the video 

Highlight Correct Summary: After listening to a recording, you need to choose the paragraph that best summarizes it. Watch the video

Select a Missing Word: You will listen to a recording, then need to complete sentences in the recording with the correct words. Watch the video

Highlight Incorrect Words: After a recording is played, you will be given a text with some mistakes. You need to identify and correct the mistakes. Watch the video

Write from Dictation: You need to listen to the sentences played and transcribe them (type what you hear). Watch the video 

PTE Reading

Multiple Choice – Choose Single Answer: After reading a text, you need to choose the best answer in a number of multiple-choice questions. Watch the video

Multiple Choice – Choose Multiple Answers: After reading a text, you need to choose ALL the correct answers in a number of multiple-choice questions. Watch the video

Re-order Paragraphs: You need to put scrambled paragraphs in the right order to form a complete passage. Watch the video

Fill in the Blanks: You need to complete the sentences using the correct words. Watch the video

Reading and Writing – Fill in the Blanks: You need to complete the given passage using the correct sentences. Sentences are shown as list, and you will choose the sentence that completes the text. Watch the video

PTE Writing

Write Essay: You need to write a 200-300 word essay as a respond to a question you are asked. Watch the video

Summarize Text: You need to summarize a text in a sentence (75 words max), in a way that all the key content can be read and understood.  Watch the video

What do I need to study for PTE?

As mentioned above, PTE tests are held by Pearson Company. The official PTE test prep books are published by Pearson, too.

These books include The Official Guide to PTE Academic and PTE Practice Tests Plus.

In The Official Guide to PTE Academic, All the rules, sections and related information about PTE test are explained in detail.

In PTE Practice Tests Plus, There are many practice tests including the answer key. This book also explains why some certain answers are more suitable and can bring you a higher score.

Some other great studying sources for PTE test are Macmillan PTE Academic Test Builder, Destination, Contemporary Topics and Focus on Vocabulary.

Download PTE Material

The Official Guide to PTE Academic / PTE Practice Tests PlusAudio Files / PTE Academic Test BuilderAudio Files

What are PTE classes like in Iran-Europe?

PTE prep courses are offered in private and semi private classes.

PTE courses are provided with the latest learning material and considering your level and needs.

Just like all other courses, you need to take our placement test to see how long you need to work and what books you need to study to achieve your goal.

Scores in PTE Test

Scores in PTE General vary form 1 to 5, and in PTE Academic from 10 to 90.

See the table below for more information!

Cambridge English Key (KET)Cambridge English Preliminary (PET)Cambridge English First (FCE)Cambridge English Advanced (CAE)Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE)
PTE General Level 1

PTE Academic 30-42

PTE General Level 2

PTE Academic 43-58

PTE General Level 3

PTE Academic 59-75

PTE General Level 4

PTE Academic 76-84

PTE General Level 5

PTE Academic 85+

IELTS 4-4.5

TOEFL iBT 57-86

IELTS 5-6.5

TOEFL iBT 87-109

TOEFL iBT 87-109

TOEFL iBT 110-120

IELTS 8.5-9

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