IELTS Mock Tests

in Iran-Europe English Language Institute

More and more students are trying to get an IELTS certificate these days.

IELTS tests are fairly expensive, therefore candidates do not take the main test unless they are certain they will get the score they want.

As a result, many Language institutes hold IELTS mock tests regularly to evaluate their students’ skills.

IELTS mock tests are great opportunities for candidates to identify their strengths and weaknesses, so they could work on areas that really need improvement.

IELTS Mock Tests are offered in Iran-Europe English Language Institute every two weeks.

Why should I take IELTS Mock Tests in Iran-Europe?

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Unseen Tests

We buy fresh, unseen tests for every mock exam from original sources.

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Professional Examiners

Examiners in Iran-Europe English Language Institute either hold a p.h.D in teaching English or are official IELTS examiners.

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Excellent Simulation

We provide an atmosphere just similar to IELTS test centers and provide all standard standard testing equipment.

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Evaluation and Analysis

After the test, your essays are checked in front of you and all errors and pitfalls are explained.

Your speaking test recording is given to you for further practice.

In addition, you could participate in workshops after every test to identify your problems and offer solutions.

You could always ask our experts for advice for free.

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Easy Reach

Iran-Europe Institute IELTS mock center is located on Kashani highway, making it easy to access for student in west of Tehran.

Whether our student or not, you could always register here to take the mock test in Iran-Europe!

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