IELTS Classes in Iran-Europe English Language Institute

We offer routine IELTS courses in Iran-Europe English Language Institute with the highest quality.

Since we started IELTS courses, over %95 of candidates from Iran-Europe have achieved their desired score.

Your success in IELTS test highly depends on your enthusiasm and effort.

Stay with our guidelines and you will see the results.

Ready? Let’s go!

Required Level for IELTS Classes

First, you need to take a placement test.

Online placement tests can somehow evaluate your knowledge, but…

These tests merely focus on your grammar and vocabulary.

Unlike online placement tests, IELTS focuses on your speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Therefore, we strongly recommend taking a placement test In Person.

Your level of English needs to be:

Intermediate for IELTS 5

Upper Intermediate for IELTS 6

Advanced for IELTS 7

If your knowledge matches the score you are looking for, you may enter IELTS classes. Otherwise, you will need Pre-IElTS classes.

Pre-IELTS Classes

Pre-IELTS courses are recommended for candidates whose English knowledge level does not match their desired score.

Not in a hurry to take the IELTS test? We suggest taking group adults courses until you are ready. Otherwise, you should take Pre-IELTS classes privately.

Your general English alongside with your 4 main skills improved in Pre-IELTS courses until you are qualified for main IELTS classes.

Pre-IELTS Books

Books used in Pre-IELTS courses are the same ones as adults courses: Four Corners and Passages.

Mindset for IELTS books, which are specially written for Pre-IELTS courses, are used in Private classes.

Additionally, Vocabulary for IELTS and Grammar for IELTS books are used to strengthen the students’ vocabulary and grammar for this test.

Pre-IELTS Extra Classes

Just like all students of Iran-Europe, Pre-IELTS students of Iran-Europe can participate in all extra classes of the Institute for free.

Discussion, Movies, Grammar, News, TNT and TED Talk classes are strongly recommended for Pre-IELTS students.

IELTS Classes

In IELTS course, you will be prepared for the IELTS exam.

IELTS course takes 48 sessions. The main goal of IELTS course is to improve candidates’ 4 main skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) for the main test.

Taking IELTS course and related extra classes in Iran-Europe not only teaches you the techniques, but also can increase your overall score by 0.5.

IELTS classes are  taught by the most experienced and professional instructors in Iran-Europe English Language Institute.


Iran-Europe IELTS course learning material is Compilation of IELTS Books that is made of over 200 credible IELTS test sources, including New Insight on IELTS, Focus on IELTS and Barron’s IELTS.

The compilation book is reviewed once a month to match the latest updates and changes in IELTS books.

Furthermore, the 13-book Cambridge IELTS series is recommended to evaluate you test taking skills regularly.

IELTS Extra Classes

If you participate in IELTS prep course, our free extra classes are strongly recommended for you.

Above all extra classes mentioned above, IELTS Tips and Techniques classes are suggested for IELTS candidates.

In IELTS Tips and Techniques classes, you learn who to convince IELTS examiners to give you higher scores.

Going to take General IELTS? Real English classes will be great help to strengthen your listening and speaking.

IELTS Mock Tests

We know how much it means to you to know your score before the test.

It matters to us, too.

Therefore, We have IELTS mock tests twice a month in Iran-Europe English Language Institute.

Our mock tests simulate the real IELTS exam for you, so you would not get confused on the test day.

Anyone can register in our mock tests anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions about IELTS Test

Our experience has shown us the candidates worry most about their scores.

Here is a list of their deepest concerns (and answers):

How much time do I need to spend to get my IELTS?

It all depends on your knowledge and desired score. Once you are ready to participate in IELTS course, you will need 48 group sessions (or 24 private sessions).

The time you need to studies varies depending on how well you are performing now.

For more information, we strongly recommend talking to our IELTS experts in International Tests Department.

Should I take intensive 5-day-a-week classes?

For every session you need to study for 3 to 4 hours, so going to classes every day will probably exhaust and demotivate you.

Even though these types of classes are money making for institutes, they will not necessarily lead to your success.

How long does it take for the test results to be sent to me?

The results are usually sent by 2 weeks after the test.

Should I take a General or an Academic test? What are the differences?

If you are looking forward to studying in a foreign country, you should take an Academic test. If you are just going to work and live there, you might need a General IELTS.

The main difference between General and Academic Tests is Reading and Writing Sections, which are longer and contain tables and charts.

Should I take the test in Iran or in another country?

IELTS tests are held with the same standards and guidelines all around the world. We recommend taking the test right here so you could do it calmly and in a more relaxed way.

Taking the test abroad will not only be more expensive, but also more tiring and time-consuming.

If you are going to take a UKVI test (to travel to the UK), you have to take the test in Irsafam institute.

Which one will help me succeed: Knowledge or techniques?

IELTS test evaluating algorithms and guidelines are revised and updated every year.

You will definitely not get a score over 5 or 5.5 by only memorizing some phrases and techniques. To succeed in IELTS test, you to improve your grammar and vocabulary continuously.

Which is better: Group or Private Classes?

Each type has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Private classes are faster. The teacher only focuses on one student and you will have more time to speak.

Group classes are more attractive. They improve your social and interactive skills alongside your English.

We would always recommend taking group classes, unless you are not able to due to lack of time.

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