Teacher’s Application Form

فرم جذب مدرس موسسه زبان ایران اروپا




Have you ever passed any special courses? (IELTS, iBT, FCE, CAE, CPE, TESOL, CELTA, DELTA, TTC)


Write your teaching procedure for one of the scenario below: (Optional)

I. Teaching present perfect to 6 pre-intermediate Ss to whom it is the first time the tense is taught.

II. Teaching the following vocabularies to a group of 12 Upper-intermediate

assume- be positive– doubt (v)- figure (v)- guess (v)have a hunch- know for a fact- suppose- suspect (v)

III. Teaching differences between present perfect and present perfect continuous to 8 upper-intermediate

IV. Teaching the following functions to a group of 6 intermediate students.

Giving a recommendation

If I were you, I’d …

My recommendation would be to …

Why don’t you try

Accepting a recommendation

Sounds good to me.

Ok , I think I’ll do that.

That’s a good idea.